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A Wabi-Kusa inspired plant-scaping using aquatic plants. Plants are carefully planted into the moss and soil mixed, allowing them to grow and thrive in various environment. They prefer a wet and humid enclosure, frequent misting and bright light. Suitable to be kept as a terrarium or semi-submerged in water.

Wabi-Kusa is a Japanese style of planting/arrangement where a selection of plants, usually semi-aquatic varieties are carefully planted in a moss or soil ball. The arrangement is allowed to grow naturally and one is to appreciate its natural beauty, along with its imperfect nature.

Each island comes with a wooden bowl (15cm diameter) as a basic base for growing, but a small glass tank or enclosed space is recommended. We do carry a 15x15cm glass cube in our store as well. 

Care: Mist a couple of times a day, making sure the moss and plants are kept moist. Provide a layer of clean water for the moss and plant arrange to settle in.  Preferably placed in an area of constant temperature, away from strong winds and direct sun. Comes with a misting tool.

Height: 15cm Width: 6cm

Wabi-Kusa Island Series - Mini Pines 2

  • A delicate Japanese miniature money tree nestled in a rustic locally-crafted ceramic pot. Each piece is unique and different.


    Money tree plants are often regarded as a luck-attracting plant, hence they are often gifted or collected to bring about good luck.


    Height: 15cm or 6 inches


    Width: 8cm or 3 inches


    Plant Care: Bonsais require a shady, bright environment to thrive. An occasional soaking of the morning sun (once a week) will be beneficial. Mist twice weekly. Water every other day, about 1-2 tablespoonful of water around the plant. Mist more often in drier environments (air-conditioned rooms).

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