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We will be sharing some interesting, easy-to-create recipes here mainly influenced from where we reside, which is Singapore!

We will also be touching on holistic-living, an open-minded exploration on possibilities and ways to promote general well-being. Should you have any content that you like us to create, feel free to drop us an email or comment via our Youtube Channel on what sort of content you like us to create!

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 eat and live 
Tips for transforming your Hobby into a Business
20 April 2020

An article by High Net Worth Publication about turning one's hobby into a Business, with tips and first-person experiences shared by a few, including's creator Winson.

Read the article here.

Miso mac X cheese
10 May 2020

An easy one-pot mac'n'cheese recipe using the Philips multi pressure cookerHD2137.  

Make your own Mulberry Tea
25 April 2020

For centuries, the Mulberry tree has been used as traditional medicine, especially in Asia. Learn how you can enjoy the healing properties of this unique plant by making your own Mulberry Tea.

Read the article here.

The sneaky Lemon Balm
- Coming Soon-

This little (or not so) herb, with its cheeky leaf structure and bright yellowish-green hue, can easily overrun one's garden. Here are some incredibly useful benefits and simple recipes if you have some Lemon Balm creeping around.

Read the article here.

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