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A Japanese mimosa bonsai nestled in a locally-crafted (Singapore) ceramic planter. In collaboration with The Clay People, a local pottery house, each piece is unique and specially created, limited to Qing, with our “Q” indention on the pot.


The "Origins" Series ceramic wares are raw, unpolished yet embody the characteristics of the Mimosa bonsai, rustic yet fragile with it's mini-sized leaves. 


The mimosa bonsai behaves somewhat similar to the mimosa plant, where its leaves open and close. The leaves close together when dawn or night approaches, and open up when light or morning is felt, almost as if the plant has woken up!


Mimosa Bonsai thrives best in a bright, indoor environment, away from strong harsh sunlight or wind. An airy location and daily watering will keep it happy.


Comes with a watering tool and care instructions. For limited time, a ceramic tile coaster from Mexico is included.


Height: 30cm Width : 30cm (bonsai branches) Planter is 12cm by 12cm.


“Origins” Ceramic Series - Mimosa Bonsai Brown

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