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For coffee lovers, here’s a treat! 

Enjoy the fresh aromas of grounded coffee beans in busy cafes? Now you can have the same energising atmosphere at home!

With our trio of Coffee creations; Aromatic coffee tub, coffee essential oil glass diffuser and our very own homemade coffee soap bars!

Besides giving you the morning boast, coffee essential oils are known for reducing free radical damage, improving mood, and boasting the immune system!

The aroma of coffee beans can also clear away bad odours and smells, in the room and personal spaces, like drawers and closets.

Aromatic coffee tub, an eco-friendly deodoriser, handmade with soda powder, specially curated coffee beans roasted from Ipoh, and pure coffee essential oil. Simply remove the tub cover and let it clear away any bad odours in 30 minutes. You can also create little holes on the cover for a milder constant scent.

Coffee essential oil glass diffuser, filled with pure coffee essential oil to infuse small areas, like car interiors, bath, and closets. Simply unscrew the wood cap, remove the plastic tab, and then the diffuser upside down to let the oil infuse into the wooden cap. When the scent fades, simply turn the diffuser upside down to let the wooden cap be infused with the oil again.

Coffee and tea tree oil soap bar, handmade with organic coconut oil soap base, pure coffee and a hint of tea tree essential oils and roasted coffee beans.

Side of soap bar: 5cm x 5cm, individually wrapped. 

Each set comes with:

-  01 organic coffee soap bar
-  01 coffee refresher tub
-  01 coffee essential oil hanging glass diffuser with 01 Refill

Note: Always do a skin spot test before using. Even though we use purely organic ingredients, seek a doctor’s advice if unsure, or if an allergy reaction occurs. 

*Soap plate and crystal pebbles are gifted upon purchase and cannot be selected or chosen. 

Ingredients are vegan, not tested on animals and SLS free. Soap can be kept in a dry, cool place for 6 months (from time of purchase). 

Stearic acid*, sorbitol (sugarcane), glycerin (vegetarian), myristic acid*, sodium laureth sulphates (SLES)*, propylene glycol (vegetarian), lauric acid*, aqua, sodium hydroxide, pure organic-certified essential oils. 

*ingredients derived from coconut oil.

Food for the Soul Series - Coffee Everyday!

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