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Philodendron Royal Queen is indeed a majestic royalty. As new leaves emerges, they are a striking red and slowly turns to a hue of dark maroon and green. The leaves are heart-shaped and smooth.


Royal Queens are natural climbers and in nature, enjoys the shade from the tree which it attaches itself to. Sometimes the appearance of the Royal Queen turns the tree host into a fitting King, accompanied no less by this red beauty.


The philodendron is nestled within a smooth black KIPOS self-watering system, saving time and the guessing game of when and how much to water.


An indicator shows the water level in the reservoir and a easy access outlet to refill. The reservoir lasts between 2-3weeks, and the plant can be placed indoors or a bright shaded balcony/Plato. Avoid placing in direct sunlight as it may burn the Queen’s outfitted leaves.


Height: 150cm Width : 43cm

Philodendron Royal Queen in KIPOS self-watering system

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