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A locally-crafted ceramic donut with an Airplant decor

Ceramic Works - Airia Donut Dark Reg

  • A locally-crafted ceramic donut that can be used as a paper weight, decor, airplant holder and many more. 


    Comes with a specially selected airplant.


    In collaboration with TheClayPeople, created ceramic wares that naturally fitted with the interesting structures of plants, in tone and colours. Each piece is unique and different.


    Height: 14cm or 5.5 inches


    Width: 14cm or 5.5 inches


    Plant Care: Air plants are special as they do not require soil to thrive. Roots are grown as a means of attaching itself to its surrounding. They require a shady, bright environment. Mist twice weekly. Once a week, submerge the plant completely in water for about 10 minutes, and allow to air dry before placing them back to the glass display.

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