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Dracaena trifasciata, or mother-in-law’s tongue, tiger’s tail, snake plant, or in Spain, sword of Saint George, after the Knight that slayed the dragon.

This beautifully variegated species, is specially curated to look like a sword. It is scientifically researched to be an excellent air purifier, removing toxins in it’s surroundings, hence people in the olden days believed that having the “sword” would chase away negativity. 

It is also one of the rare few plants that continues to produce oxygen through the night, where others normally produce carbon dioxide. Hence, it is recommended by experts to be a good selection for placing in your bedroom.

The sword of Saint George is nestled within a locally-crafted ceramic planter, a neat addition to your living environment.

In collaboration with Occasians, a local pottery house, each piece is unique and specially created, limited to Qing, with our “Q” indention on the pot. Comes with a watering tool and care instructions.
For limited time, a ceramic tile coaster from Mexico is included.
Height: 30cm Width : 8-10cm yo

Ceramic Series - Sword of Saint George “O”

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