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Plant of the Week

To kick start a weekly column about plants big and small, let's begin with ferns :)

Staghorn ferns, to be exact.

Until recently, these unique species were rarely seen in the plant market. A native of Africa, South America and East Asia, Staghorn ferns are known for their majestic leaf structures and can grow pretty large in the wild. Their leaves sometime resemble the antlers of moose and deers, hence their name.

They usually attach themselves to existing trees and survive by catching debris and rainwater. They prefer partially shaded environment, with good humidity to thrive.

They grow all year round and due to their beautifully elaborate fronds, they are gaining popularity. They can be grown in mosses with alittle soil or attached to wooden structures once they are matured. They do not form flowers, instead they produce spores on the underside of their leaves to reproduce.

Care for Staghorn ferns are simple, if you follow certain conditions. Keep them in an environment with high humidity, under shade with indirect light. Water when the substrate is dry and mist the leaves to keep them from drying out.

With proper care, your Staghorn fern will reward you with a magnificent display.

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