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Public Garden Event

It was an exciting moment last weekend. I finally managed to find time to be involved in a pop-up booth with Public Garden! The last event was beginning of this year, just before our Chinese Lunar New Year. I remembered the crowd was very good and they were very keen to find out more about Qing. And this time round the crowd was just as fantastic.

Creating Qing wasn't easy, just like everything else. There were ups and downs and lots of patience tested. Qing is still a hobby of mine and after almost one year of roughing it out, I don't want it any other way :)

My favourite part of setting up the booth is thinking of ways to be creative and playful!

Above: My booth at the Public Garden Event at Suntec City

Below: Creating my DIY streamers!

I do see more people having an interest with plants and that is encouraging. At the event I introduced new ways to display my plant creations, like making my own planters and using antique containers. It was good to catch up with some of my customers, and even got some gardening tips from other avid gardeners!

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their encouraging words and Public Garden for giving the opportunity to display my works :) Do check back often on the website as I continue to find new ways to create a living works of "art" and hopefully more people will get to enjoy them!

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