Syngonium Podophyllum nestled within a white ceramic planter. We use imported German LECA to pot and root our plants.

This stunning variegated syngonium, sometimes referred to as Arrowheads, is a vining species. The variegation ranges from pure white to muted hues of green, looking like marbled tones on the foliage. They enjoy a bright and humid environment, and providing more indirect lighting will induce a light variegation.

Place in a bright, airy environment, watering every day. Watering tool provided.

Height: 20cm Width :15cm

Peculiar Series - Marbled Beauty

  • A delicate Japanese miniature money tree nestled in a rustic locally-crafted ceramic pot. Each piece is unique and different.


    Money tree plants are often regarded as a luck-attracting plant, hence they are often gifted or collected to bring about good luck.


    Height: 15cm or 6 inches


    Width: 8cm or 3 inches


    Plant Care: Bonsais require a shady, bright environment to thrive. An occasional soaking of the morning sun (once a week) will be beneficial. Mist twice weekly. Water every other day, about 1-2 tablespoonful of water around the plant. Mist more often in drier environments (air-conditioned rooms).

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