Stephania Cepharantha, or Stephania “Hayata”. Stephania nestled within a white ceramic planter. We use imported German LECA to pot and root our plants.Introducing Patrick and Lionel, two rumbling teenagers from our Peculiar Series ! They may seemed messy and unruly at first, but two gentlemen shines within after a proper haircut! They enjoy morning sun, which gives their leaves and stems a blush of pink. Watering every 2-3 days will keep these boys happy, and well-behaved. Unique round leaves grow from the top of the caudex and begin to vine if left unattended. Frequent trimming will keep the leaves bushy and neat.Place in a bright, airy environment, away from direct sunlight. Water every 2 days. Watering tool provided.  Height: 20cm Width : 10cm

Peculiar Series - Lionel the Teenager

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