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Philodendron Florida Beauty nestled within a white ceramic planter. We use imported German LECA to pot and root our plants.

HPHP ( Happy people helping people) aims to help the elderly cardboard collectors in Singapore by providing lunches paid for by donors. In collaboration with HPHP, we will be pledging the entire proceeds (and more) of this plant mate to second, where nutritious meals will be handed to the elderly in need. A receipt under your name will be sent to you, and we thank you for the gracious help!

This stunning philodendron is a vining species.  With a distinctive foliage,  some say it resembles a horse or dragon head.The new leaf grows out bright red, before unfolding and turning to a shade of green. 

A philodendron that is very easy to care for, and a guaranteed statement piece for your home.Place in a bright, airy environment, watering every day. Watering tool provided.  

Height: 20cm Width :11cm

Peculiar Series - Florida Beauty HPHP Edition

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