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Alocasia Macrorrhizo, or Alocasia “Stingray”A juvenile Alocasia, grown from a bulb offspring, nestled within a grey ceramic planter. We use imported German LECA to pot and root our plants.Nicknamed “stingray” due to it’s distinctive foliage, this Alocasia is a statement piece for your collection. Elegant and very unique, like a couple of baby sting rays Swimming around a planter.The plant does go dormant, meaning it will lose it’s leaves and go to “hibernation”. This happens around January-February, during this period, reduce watering and keep the plant in dark area. After a month, new leaf sprouts will appear, sometimes with offsprings or bulbs around the mother plant.A very easy to care for Alocasia, water around the plant not on the plant, to prevent leaf damage. Place in a bright, airy environment, allow morning sunlight. Water every 2 days. Watering tool provided.  Height: 35cm Width : 10cm

Peculiar Series - Baby Stingray

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