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A rare Caudata Sumatra Hoya and striking cryptanthus nestled within a white ceramic planter. 

Step into the exotic tropical rainforests of Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Vining rare Hoyas creeping over fallen branches, and a strikingly beautiful red cryptanthus that speaks volume. A wild jungle trek right on your tabletop! We use imported high quality LECA to pot and root our plants.

Relax and unwind with our Keshiki Series, creating miniature Zen gardens for your table top. Welcome a sense of peacefulness to your home with these specially created pieces. Keshiki translate to landscape, scenery or ‘view’. An apt name for this series!

Place in a bright, airy environment, watering every day. Watering tool provided.  

Height: 20cm Width : 15cm

Keshiki Series - Tijuca Rainforest

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