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The Green Hearts movement is here! (IG) is a Singapore social enterprise that provides an outlet for the elderly, disadvantaged, single mums and indie designers to earn an income.

We are happy to collaborate with them for my “Heart leaf” initiative, where the entire proceeds of these locally-crafted fluffy “heart leaf” crochet keychains will go towards funding meals for the elderly of @hphpcommunity(IG), via

It’s great to see how ones’ handicrafts can in turn help another in need.

Each Heart leaf adopted will provide 3 hot meals for the elderly cardboard collectors in Singapore, with the contribution placed under your name!

There are lots of special handmade handicrafts, crochets, quilts from and you can even customise! You can also pledge your support directly via to provide hot meals!

Food for the Soul Series - Heart Leaf Crochet keychain

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