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Feel enriched with our luxurious Goddess Bar!

Made with specially curated ingredients; organic coconut soap base, pure essential oils and produced with utmost care. 

Goddess Bar: organic coconut soap base, Rosemary Spanish, frankincense and eucalyptus essential oils, and dried rosemary leaves.

Limited sets, and as a special gift, each set comes with a handmade floral soap plate (by yours truly!) and a crystal pebble (worth $20!)

Clear quartz, rose quartz and agate pebbles, known for properties that include affirming one’s thoughts, providing a clear and fresh perspective in life and a energising aura! Simply hold and rub the pebble in the morning and affirm your goals! 

*Soap plate and crystal pebbles are gifted upon purchase and cannot be selected or chosen. 

Size of soap bar: 8cm x 8cm, individually wrapped.

Each set comes with a Goddess Bar, a soap plate and a specially curated crystal pebble.

Note: Always do a skin spot test before using. Even though we use purely organic ingredients, seek a doctor’s advice if unsure, or if an allergy reaction occurs. 

Ingredients are vegan, not tested on animals and SLS free. Soap can be kept in a dry, cool place for 6 months (from time of purchase). 

Stearic acid*, sorbitol (sugarcane), glycerin (vegetarian), myristic acid*, sodium laureth sulphates (SLES)*, propylene glycol (vegetarian), lauric acid*, aqua, sodium hydroxide, pure organic-certified essential oils. 

*ingredients derived from coconut oil.

Food for the Soul Series - Goddess

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