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Our trio of cheerful Eco Planters are just what you need to up the Positivity!

An all inclusive plant-yourself set that is guaranteed to sprout! 

Each set comes with:

- Sweet basil seeds (10)
- Cherry tomato seeds (10)
- Cypress Vine seeds (10)

- 3 packs of pre-washed Leca substrate 

- 3 packs of fertilisers

- 3 waterproof recycled planters, with drainage and  drainage 

- 3 drainage strainers

- 1 set of watering tool and misting pen

Instructions: Empty out contents from each Eco Planter. Place the drainage strainer over the drainage hole of Eco planter. Directly pour the Leca substrate into Eco planter. Carefully place the seeds into the substrate, partially submerged. Drizzle fertilisers over the top and water thoroughly. Place in a bright environment, preferably room temperature, best if the location receives direct morning sun. 

The seeds will sprout within a week! And water every other day, according to our care info card provided! 

No excuse for brown thumbs! Try our Eco Planters, share the set with friends and grow away!

Size of each Eco Planter: 8cm x 8cm

Food for the Soul Series - Eco Planters

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